8 Tips to Help Increase Your Muscle Mass

If your goal is to increase your muscle mass, here are 8 tips to help you improve your chance of gainz.

  • Increase your volume

Increasing your volume of training can be done by increasing the number of sets you have to complete, for example completing 5 sets rather than 3. This is a great way to increase your strength and create a stimulus for your muscles to grow. However, you can’t keep increasing your sets forever. The more sets and more volume you do, the more recovery you’ll need.

  • Change your workouts regularly

This doesn’t mean you should hop from programme to programme after only trying it out for a week. This means if progress starts to slow down or you hit a plateau, change your training. This could be something as simple as adding in some eccentrics or as complicated as choosing a different variation for some of the exercises in your programme. For example, you could add eccentrics into your bench press or change your back squat to a split squat. This will provide a different stimulus to your muscles and help with muscle growth.

  • Get strong

The stronger you get, the more likely you are to be able to use heavier weights for your volume. This will lead to more damage being able to be caused to your muscles, allowing for a greater potential for muscle growth. For example, if someone’s 3 rep max on overhead press was 50kg, but your 3 rep max was 100kg, you should be able to us a heavier weight for a set of 10 reps.

  • Take a deload week

When you train, this causes damage to your muscles. The amount of muscle growth you can achieve is dictated by how well you can recover and allow your muscles to repair themselves. If you have been training hard for a few weeks sometimes taking a deload week, and dropping the volume and intensity, can allow your muscles time to fully repair and increase your capacity for muscle growth.

  • Keep good form

Keeping good form on the exercises you perform will allow you to work the muscle through full range of movement and tension, allowing for optimal muscle damage. Alongside this, by keeping good form, this can reduce your risk of injury. This is very important because if you injure yourself, that means less time in the gym training towards your goals.

  • Train with someone

Having a training partner or a coach can massively help with building muscle. This is because you are less likely to miss a gym session and you can push more with the extra motivation of having someone encouraging and spotting you.

  • Progressive Overload

Progressive overload is the foundation for any progress you want to see in the gym. Make sure you are increasing the weight you lift at least every week. If the weight can’t be increased, aim to do the same weight for more reps. If you are not adding progressive overload into your training, you are not providing your muscles with enough stimulus to elicit muscle growth.

  • Follow a plan

Being able to follow a plan means you can train with a purpose and increase your potential for muscle growth. If you are not following a plan, you are massively limiting your potential. Think of this as an example, if you were going on holiday, you wouldn’t just rock up to the airport and hope for the best that someone will let you on a flight. You would plan, such as making sure how you were going to get to the airport, making sure your bags were packed and your flight booked. The same can be said about the gym. Walking into the gym and doing a random selection of exercises and hoping for the best isn’t going to be beneficial to helping you achieving your goals.

Take home points

These are by far not the only tips out there to help you increase your muscle mass. However, these are the tips I would recommend you start to implement as the fundamentals of your training and programming to help you increase the potential for increasing your muscle mass. It may seem complicated, but if it was easy, everyone would be walking round absolutely jacked and increasing their muscle every session. Stay consistent, train hard, use the tips I’ve recommended, and you’ll stand the best chance of achieving your muscle mass goals

Thanks for reading,

Coach Steve

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