The Best Workout For Fat Loss & Muscle Building

When most people come into the gym and I ask them what their goals are, the majority of the time they say they want to lose fat and gain muscle. Now, if it was that easy, I’d be out of a job. However, for those people that are reading this that are relatively new to training, or have had a bit time off, I may have the answer for you.


Before I get going into the meat of this article, I just want you to make a note that nutrition plays a big part in the success of the programme I’m going to go through. Remember, you can’t out run a bad diet. Get that nailed alongside this programme, and trust me, the results will speak for themselves.

From playing around with a few programmes, and looking at what the best trainers out there are doing, the best programme to lose body fat and gain muscle is based on two systems. These are the Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) and German Body Composition (GBC). But what are these I hear you ask.

PHA was developed by Dr. Arthur Steinhaus in the 1940s and then highlighted in the bodybuilding world by Bob Gadja, a former Mr. Universe in the 1960s. The idea behind the PHA system is to keep blood circulating throughout the whole body whilst training. The GBC system, popularised by Charles Poliquin in the 1990s, was based on research by Hala Rambie, a Romanian exercise scientist. The research by Rambie found that if you raised blood lactate levels, the rate of fat loss increased. Alongside that, the higher the level of blood lactate was found to lead to a greater release of growth hormone, which tells yours body to start burning fat and build muscle.

The best way to add these two systems together, to keep blood circulating around your body and keep blood lactate levels high, is to pair upper and lower body exercises together as a superset. Ideally you want to be aiming for 8-15 reps per exercise with minimal rest between sets. This should be around 30-60 seconds. As I said at the start, if you are a beginner, or have been away from training for a while, I would strongly recommend starting with at least 3-4 weeks of this type of training to start off with.

The Benefits

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Apart from the benefits I’ve already mentioned, the increased blood circulation and blood lactate, this type of training has a whole host of other benefits.

  • Avoid Localised Fatigue

This is a major benefit when it comes to training, especially for beginners. While increasing blood lactate is important, you don’t want it to build up locally. Locally basically means in the same area. For example, if you have a superset of dumbbell bench press and incline dumbbell bench press, that’s two exercises training the same muscle group. Not bad for someone with a higher training experience, not the best for a beginner. This is because the localised fatigue created can lead to a breakdown in technique which can lead to injury. Not good if you’re a beginner trying to learn an exercise.

  • Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC)

EPOC is the after burn effect of training using the PHA/GBC systems. This will allow you to burn calories long after you’ve finished your workout, in some cases this can be up to 48 hours after.

  • Increased Work Capacity

If you haven’t trained before, or haven’t been training consistently, using this system of training will increase your work capacity massively. This is because, as mentioned before, you avoid localised fatigue as you are training your upper and lower body in one superset. Alongside this, keeping to the short rest intervals allows you to complete more work in a short space of time.

  • Increased Frequency

Due to the nature of this training system, you can hit various muscle groups numerous times across a single training week. This will only help in losing fat, building muscle and changing your body composition rather than having massive gaps between training muscle groups.

  • Better Results Than Traditional Aerobic Training

I’ve said before in other posts and blogs, if you were to perform traditional aerobic training, such as long distance running, you’d have to be running for longer than 20-30 minutes to actually start burning fat. Then, the fitter you get the further and longer you have to run to start improving your results. On top of that, you’ll end up losing muscle. I mean look at a marathon runner, they don’t have the most muscle on their bodies. Using this system allows you to focus on progressive overload and maintain/increase muscle mass alongside losing fat.

So what’s the Catch?

Now you know the benefits, let’s go through what you have to do to reap the full rewards of this training system;

  • Train at least 3x a week
  • Focus on the main multi-joint, compound lifts. Squats, deadlifts etc.
  • Keep yourself strict on the rest intervals, 30-60 seconds
  • Keep in the range of 8-15 reps per exercise
  • Always alternate between upper and lower body exercises in each super set

With these rules in mind, here’s a template you can use to get started with your training;

Workout A

Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest
1A Lower Body Push

e.g. Goblet Squat, Front Squat

3-4 8-12 V
1B Upper Body Pull

e.g. Suspension Training Row, Bent Over Row

3-4 8-12 30-60sec
2A Lower Body Pull

e.g. Kettlebell Deadlift, Dumbbell RDL

3-4 8-12 V
2B Upper Body Push

e.g. Push Up, Bench Press

3-4 8-12 30-60sec
3A Lower Body Push

e.g. Split Squat, Reverse Lunges

3-4 8-12es V
3B Upper Body Pull

e.g. Pull Up, Close Grip Lat. Pulldown

3-4 8-12 30-60sec
4 Metabolic Conditioning

e.g. Prowler Sprints, Ball Slams

3-5 15-30s 45-60sec


Workout B

Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest
1A Lower Body Pull

e.g. Deadlift, Block Pull

3-4 8-12 V
1B Upper Body Push

e.g. Military Press, Seated Overhead Press

3-4 8-12 30-60sec
2A Lower Body Push

e.g. Step Up, Split Squat

3-4 8-12es V
2B Upper Body Pull

e.g. Bent Over Row, Seated Row

3-4 8-12 30-60sec
3A Lower Body Pull

e.g. Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl, Barbell RDL

3-4 8-12 V
3B Upper Body Push

e.g. Bench Press, Push Up

3-4 8-12 30-60sec
4 Metabolic Conditioning

e.g. Prowler Sprints, Ball Slams

3-5 15-30s 45-60sec

 This template has a proven track record. I’ve used this template myself on clients I have trained and the results speak for themselves ↓




Give it go and enjoy the results.

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Thanks for reading,

Coach Steve

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