You Can’t Cheat a Cheat Meal

For anyone that knows me, I like my food. Having a mother that worked in a bakery throughout my school days, I’m all for cheat meals and treats (that’s why I’m probably not the skinny youth I was in school anymore!). However, not everyone deserves a cheat day I’m sorry to say. But before you get the pitchfork and torches out, I’ll explain why this is the case.


Food holds different feelings for different people. For the skinnier person food is something they have to do to survive. To the larger framed people among us, food is something they look forward to, they enjoy and try and get as much of it as they can. This is where cheat meals/days in.

A cheat meal for a skinnier person may consist of half a pizza, a cookie and some chocolate milk. To them that might feel like a thousand calories in one sitting, when in fact it will be far from it. For the larger person, they’re used to eating and can do a lot of it. So, when a larger person has a cheat meal you better get ready to do a shop.


The smaller people of our society can get away with having these cheat meals/days every so often. Especially if they want to put some weight or muscle mass on. It will all help towards getting more calories into their body. For the larger person however, it’s not such an easy ride. As food holds such a psychological role in their life, they need to focus a lot on their mental strength. By just having the cheat piece of cake someone brought into work or the cheat takeaway after a heavy night, people soon just become cheating themselves. This is when the saying of, ‘the diet starts on Monday’ creeps into peoples Facebook statuses.

So, as a larger person reading this, how do you fix this I hear you ask? Well, for the people I work with, and what I try to use myself, is the 80% 20% rule. The majority of the time you need to be on top of your food if you’re going to be anywhere near achieving your goals. However, you’ve got to be able to have some slack every now again. I know for me as a lad who used to grab some cream cakes after school on a Thursday, if I went complete cold turkey, I’d go on a killing spree within a week. So keep that rule in mind, 80% of the time (5/6 days of the week) be good, don’t be adding in extra treats here and there or you’re just defeating the purpose. Then, in the 20% treat yourself. From experience when people have stuck to that rule and for me as well, it adds a nice variation into your diet and gives you something to look forward to.

The last thing I’m going to leave you with is just two more pearls of wisdom. Once you’ve had your cheat meal/day, make sure to plan your biggest workout of the week the day after. In most cases that will be more than likely a squat or deadlift day. Use all that extra energy to hit some big numbers in the gym. Also, when it comes to your cheat meal/day, do it right and go all out. There’s no point going into things half hearted.


Thanks for reading,

Coach Steve

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